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Updated: 11/5/2018
Unknown Story
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  •  Washington and his group of soldiers crossed the Delaware River during a bad storm on Christmas. They attacked the British troops while they were sleeping and also tricked them causing them to win the war.
  • The battle of Saratoga was a plan that the British had to take over Albany and use three different was and meet there in Albany. Little did they we were waiting for them and we they were forced to back down and they surrendered.
  • The Winter at Valley Forge is when the continental army had to suffer through the worst winter in history and 12,000 troops had almost no food, clothing, or supplies. The Britsh were in Philadelphia doing just fine but the people that survived the winter were very skilled.
  • -40 degrees
  • The Help from Oversea is where the French helped us secretly by providing us with supplies that the British didn't know about. They went public and they decided to go public and they decided to be our ally and go to war with England.
  • Yes!
  • Do you have the supplies?
  • ummmmm...
  • The Battle at Yorktown was a battle that happened when Cornwallis brought his troops to the banks of York River because they were running low on supplies that they needed and we found out that Benedict Arnold was going to try to turn over our fort. The continental army and 7,000 French troops surrounded york town and after weeks of fighting Cornwallis surrendered.
  • What do you think that you are doing!!
  • Ok, I agree!
  •  The Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War. It took two years to finish negotiating the treaty and the terms were favorable for the U.S and on September 3, 1783, the British finally let in.
  • YAYYY!
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