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Professional Communications (Communications Process Model)
Updated: 8/29/2020
Professional Communications (Communications Process Model)
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  • Receiver: Patient
  • Hi, I'm Brittany.
  • Sender: Doctor
  • Hi, I am Dr.Mathews. Please take a seat.
  • Wh-what? Oh wow. What do I need to to in preparation for the surgery and what advice do you have for me to take care of myself?
  • So...Dr. About my last checkup? I told you I was feeling some pains and yo-
  • Umm...About that...I regret to inform you that your body is very unwell and you might need to have a surgery.
  • Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! This can't be happening to me right now. What about my family? My husband, my kids? Can they handle this? Oh my gosh, oh my go-
  • Uh..uh...what?
  • Brittany...Ma'am...BRITTANY...
  • Come on, let's go to the other room. I need to do a quick scan.
  • The Doctor's OfficeMessage: The doctor is introducing himself to his patient and is about to commence with the results of her last checkup.Chanel: Air: they are talking face to face.
  • The pain seems to be increasing and on top of that, I am getting constant fevers....
  • So, I just need to ask you some que-
  • Ok. So, how have you been feeling lately? ....
  • Waaaaaaaaaa!
  • Encoding: The doctor is telling the patient that she is unwell and needs surgery.Decoding: Britanny is asking Dr.Mathews what she can do to help herself in advance for this surgery. 
  • Shhh. It's okay, honey. Shhh.
  • Internal noise/barrier: Britanny's emotions such as her fear and anxiety are distracting her from the doctor's words.
  • Oh sure.Thank you for your time.
  • Thank you for coming and if you could tell your email to the receptionist so I can give you the information regarding your surgery.
  • Feedback: Brittany is answering the doctor's questions.
  • External noise/barrier: There is a child who is next door who is crying because she is getting a shot.
  • Brittany is done with the procedure and is leaving for home.
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