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Unknown Story
Updated: 4/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • court day
  • Atticus is asking mayella questions
  • Ma'am
  • I feel like he is trying to make fun of me. I wish this all could end.
  • Bob gets angry
  • not my fault
  • The black neighbor hood has ruined my house
  • Tom is accused of raping mayella, and Atticus is Toms lawyer defending him.
  • Mayellas life
  • I know that your life is not great and you dont get treated with respects
  • Mayella is getting questioned by Atticus and he is trying to see what he can get out of her that she is hiding.
  • justice
  • Tom would never do anything like this to anyone and deserves some consideration
  • Bob Ewell is blaming alot of stuff on tom veven though he had nothhing to do with it, also Mayella starts to cry which catches the juries attention.
  • interuption
  • Atticus explains to Mayella that he knows that her life isint easy and he is hear to help her. Atticus questions her to try to get her to spill what really happened between her and her father.
  • Atticus tries to persuade the juries and tells them that just because he is black doesn't mean that he is guilty and that they need to see past that.
  • please give me a chance
  • During Atticuses speach Calpurnia interupts becuse the kids have been missing for a while. Bob also gets very fristrated because he does not want to be exposed and get punished for ehat he has done to his daughter.
  • the kids have been gone for a while
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