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Updated: 6/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Voice over:Jessica sits in her room smoking the cigarettes she found in here dads jacket pocket
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  • Do you smell smoke?
  • Voice over:Jessicas dad walks up the stairs to see where that smell is coming from
  • I do and I think Its coming from upstairs
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  • JESSICA what are you doing with those cigarettes!
  • Voice over:Jessica's dad walks in and sees her smoking
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  • Typical teenage behaviour always doing irresponsible and immature things, do you have any idea the effects smoking has on teens. Come downstairs so we can talk about this
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  • Saying its typical teenage behaviour is very stereotypical. You smoke all the time and as adult you have just as much responsibilities as me if not more, why is me smoking as a teen any different then you smoking as an adult. Same side effects, same amount of maturity.
  • Jessica and her father begin to talk downstairs
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  • I never thought about it like that, Im so used to seeing teens as rebellious people who make dumb choices, but I never realized that adults get let off the hook. If smoking makes teenagers irresponsible and immature then it makes adults that too. Now that I think about its not just smoking, the stereotype targets teens for the same things adults do no matter what it is , but when we do it its ok. What you did was still wrong but your not the only one at fault