A Regular Day in Summer
Updated: 6/23/2020
A Regular Day in Summer
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  • Conduction
  • It's boiling out here!!!! This is crazy! Your so lucky that you are wearing all white! White reflects heat energy and that’s why you feel cooler wearing light coloured clothes on a sunny day. But for me, it's the opposite. I'm silly for wearing black, because black absorbs heat energy. That's why you feel hot wearing dark coloured clothes on a sunny day. Also the UV rays from the sun are burning my skin. I should have brought sun screan.
  • RADIATION is the transfer of heat energy in WAVES without the need for particles. It occurs in all states of matter and since heat radiation does not depend on the movement of particles, it is very fast and efficient!
  • Radiation
  • Convection
  • Ouch! Help me! Someone get a cold bucket of water! I'm touching a conductor. A heat conductor is a material that transfers heat quickly and efficiently. Examples of good heat conductors include metals, like copper and aluminum. The opposite of a heat conductor is a heat insulator. It is a material that does transfer heat quickly and efficiently . Examples of heat insulators include wood, plastic, wool and rubber. My friend is so smart - while he is sitting on a wooden bench, I am leaning on a metal post light.
  • It's nice to have tea with my grandmother. The tea is so good. When you think about it convection currents are a part of the tea. The boiling water heats the air around it. Then the energized air particles spread apart. The air becomes less dense than the hot water in the cup, making hot air rise. As the air cools as it drifts away from the cup, the cool air sinks from below becoming denser. Afterwards, the cool air drifts toward the cup, and the cycle repeats itself. Wow there is so much going on, when I drink tea. Ahhhhhhhhhhh- I mistakingly spilled a little tea and it's really hot. It looks like I wet my pants.
  • CONVECTION is the transfer of heat energy in FLUIDS (liquids and gases). It occurs through particles that move in circles called convection currents.
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