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Updated: 10/5/2018
phaethon story board
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  • Exposition and conflict
  • Rising Action
  • show me proof that your dad lets you ride his chariot
  • I will , you will see me spinning around your roof three times by myself
  • Rising Action
  • during a sunny day in the village, two boys were having a race over a cliff. Their names are Phaethon and epaphus and they made a promise that Phaethon will be on his dad chariot and spin around epaphus's house during night time. 
  • Climax
  • go easy today, you have a new driver 
  • Phaethon and Epaphus were having a race at a cliff. Epaphus won the race but phaethon got jealous and told a lie about his father telling that he let him ride the charriot . Epaphus thinks that he was lying and wanted proof so they made a promise that phaethon will go on his fathers chariot and spin around epaphus house.
  • Falling action
  • so he went on a dangerous journey to see his father. he started to get hungry and sleepy and took a rest until one of Apollos hawks found him and told him that they have found his son. Apollo send them to get his son into a carpet and bring him to see him. after Phaethon was at his father's place he asked if could ride on his chariot but Apollo said no.
  • Resolution
  • Phaethon still wishes to ride his father's chariot close to earth to prove epaphus that it's him driving the sun chariot by himself.
  • Apollo told his horses to go slow on his son. phaethon went on the chariot and left. he looked down at the village and told the horses to go down until a fire started to burn his village. he then told them to go up but the horses went up too far into space and cause a flood at his village.
  • zeus noticed that the village started to get burned and flooded until he noticed Apollo's chariot and realized that Apollo was not driving and that it was someone who was driving. zeus then shots a thunderbolt and kills phaethon instantly.
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