Unknown Story

Updated: 2/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Get me every valuable thing that you can!
  • The lobsters are coming , there on there way!
  • Quick get George Washington!...Oh my what if they loot the portrait, as I could see them miles away. Quickly Jennings! Just, just destroy it as long as they don't get there hands on it!
  • Yes, Mrs. Madison, tear George Washington down wow!
  • Wow! I still cant believe Mrs. Madison gave us the portrait of G.W .to hide!
  • Yeah! Lets hide it in this farm house I'm pretty sure no one would possibly think that a value like this could be in a farm house.
  • Dolly was in the white house when she had gotten word that the British were coming and had asked to get all of there things as Mr.Madison said to get all there valuables and leave as the British were coming.
  • Victory is ours we got to the Americans mansion.looks like no one's home boys! Get your arms ready just in !
  • Well whos hungry boys!? They made us food with these fancy silver plates and wine but left, that isn't very hostile of them now is it but we will more than happy eat it for them right!?
  • As dolly was getting her valuables she noticed George Washington's portrait and asked Jennings her personal slave to get it down but with time running she asked him to destroy the frame but to keep the canvas and roll it up but as a result that wasn't the original portrait of George Washington but a copy of Gilbert Stuart's but she didn't know.
  • Dolley had told a servant and a farmer to go and take the portrait to two new York people named Jacob Barker and Robert G.L De Peyster who were told to keep it safe and they ened up putting in a farm house.
  • Lets make a fire to warm our selves up shall we!? Lets just stand in the yard to see the view and feel the warmth.
  • As the British got to the executive house they were in victory because they made it there but they then noticed that the Madison's had already left with all there servants and people.
  • Admiral Cockburn brought the British inside and ate the food that was prepared for Madison when he came back but didn't and the British ate all the food and wine that was served and they had taken some souvenirs and had taken Madison's hat and dolleys cushion from where she sat.
  • As Admiral Cockburn and the British finished there meal and took what they liked, they started the fire with torches as they let them burn through the windows of the house and stood and watched the fire burn and left.