Scene 6 (1)
Updated: 4/25/2020
Scene 6 (1)
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  • The next morning...
  • a
  • The Post-It App
  • MegaCorp Executives Arrested
  • MegaCorp Poisons Citizens!
  • A year after the story
  • ...but wow, you're on track to win a Pulitzer for taking down MegaCorp all alone. Tell us what's going through your head
  • Well, Jimmy, I wasn't alone. A lot of people supported me and made this story possible.
  • The story made a big difference to their lives as well. My editor decided his health was more important, and left me in charge to find his replacement, while he hosted Channel 2 news
  • I'm Chloe Harris...
  • ...and I'm Jonah Jameson. Goodnight New York!
  • One of my closest friends took the leap of faith and moved cities to advance in her career. It's funny, she was supposed to learn from me, but she ended up teaching me what's important
  • The Gotham Gazette
  • Batman At Large
  • HERE!
  • I'm grateful that I could help out those that were affected and were powerless, and bring justice to those nasty crooks at MegaCorp. Even their amazing lawyers couldn't stop the company stock from plumetting
  • Retirement is fun...
  • You work for ME Chad...just stock those shelves fast
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