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Updated: 6/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • What is the 14th amendment?
  • No matter the skin color, gender, sex, all people born in the U.S are citizens shall not be disregarded any privileges.
  • Norma McCorvey filed for an abortion,the state of Texas had banned getting an abortion unless the mother's life was at risk.
  • Roe vs Wade1973
  • Norma wasn't at risk in her pregnancy. The baby was a mistake and wanted to get rid of it. Texas disagreed and Henry Wade who was the district attorney who reinforced against that law.
  • Norma McCorvey vs Henry Wade
  • In 1971, the court decided to hear the case. By Jan 22,1973, Texas struck the law down making it legal for women to get an abortion. The majority decision was 7-2.
  • This case fell under the 14th amendment as a women's right and the state couldn't do much about it.
  • The court set rules for each trimester: 1st trimester was up to the mother to decide whether she would like to keep it or not.
  • The 2nd trimester: the government was able to regulate the abortion but not permitted to ban abortion.
  • The 3rd trimester: The state was able to prohibit the mother from abortion seeing the fetus was very big and could risk the mother.
  • Justice Blackmun had states"No state shall make or enforce which shall abridge the privileges... nor shall state deprive any person of life".
  • Roe vs Wade continues till current time and gives the right for women the right to choose.