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Updated: 8/1/2020
Unknown Story
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  • MUST CHECK other storyboard notes
  • yesterday only pho and dumplings and u know don't need that much,, 6 :15 worked when come home from walk, LATE DINNER worked yest, leave 1/2 fruit bec kombucha, weird flavor, let me in past, worked yest, only half
  • WIPE CREAM CHEESE,toast i take out ilke waffle toast a bit so toasty but dont smush, check if smear yet when come up,
  • airpods, tissue , microwave dry and hard spray water, do myelf and keep paper towel so stay moist----microwave waffle or toast so one side toasty like yest,PUT CEREAL BOWL AND MILK IN FRONT OF PLATE to block
  • im ok with popcorn instead of fruit for snack AND 2 fruit worked yest night 9:50 anyway, hot day kombucha whole bottle or popsicle rarely eat,buddha popcorn only ate once so far and KEEP IN BAG SO CUTE like last time
  • count oil? still counts like egg, no leftover scallion pancake for bf just ate today and why not only little left, overestimate? really big piece like frozen scallion pancakes and thicker than regular
  • sephora, bath and body for hand san u said could, and brow shapingOLD NAVY coupon expires soon and u said could and super cash and alyson t shirttrader joesblue star shopping center, OUTLET , or garden state shopping center
  • ride bike in community,, same temp as yest, and u SAID COULD , ask alyson said wanted to,, go to crim after PLayground open,,or soccer field why not did in past,,
  • abs this week didn even ask yest, did diff thing entire morning, and dont need that much time shower only 10 min, and 40-45 min like u said, same time eat anyway
  • at least just 1/2 fries,,, u know don't need that much, only cheese slice dec,, and same as yesterday bf,, and promised equal amount dec
  • drink yellow bottle on car to dr tan,, and yellow bottle before appt 30 min before (BRING YELLOW BOTTLE)
  • said had to gain more weight continue, already at goal, she didnt even receive information about weight range
  • walk in morning haven't at all this weeksame temp before, adn JUUMP 5MIN before yogurt, late lunch only 10 min worked and let me in past, 10 min abs 40-45 min and still same time eat and didnt even ask or complain these 2 days and only ONCE last week
  • ring fit or water gun barbie or scavenger hunt or spy pretend mission,
  • MUST APPT NOTES IN desk and book , pee fully and move quickly before collect sample, drink water 1 hr before? or right away so bladder no swell
  • no leftovers if other stuff really ate a lot today and u know i dislike bbq, dont give me biggest one, i pick like susi why ot worked last time and count more for bigger or SWITCH,
  • i take out bf?? yest left for so long contractor and bathroom and didnt do anything,can look at me while doing like past always did turn back and see
  • LESS AFTERNOON snack yest only kombucha and today birthday dinner so leave more than usual please,, and today bbq so A LOT of food,, can i pick ones i eat/?? like ribs? why not? let me last time
  • FRIDAY PROCEDURES, rem bec plan not just cheese slice, bet most in dinner,, and bring yellow bottle and drink after each time br , and remind weigh last week worked, wear long pants explain why, and wear levi jeans and ae black dress, and i choose procedures eat together ladle soup on sunday , tel l i choose after lunch
  • HELLO FRESHi choose lmeat like last time sushi and mitsuwa rice ball why nto worked,, dont give me biggest one then, why so much meat (compare to u)? less meat,, don't give me 1/2 serving that's a lot, and u know more than 1/4 serving right, almost 1/2and give me equal amount veggies meat and noodles for a serving calculated,equal amount like side dish, SOUP honestly very salty, rarely and truly salty pretend drink 1/2
  • cherry tomato instead
  • PROMISE afternoon eat , worked last time bec today late wake up, and promise eat if don't eat no dance next day why not,, then late lunch let me and worked in past only 10 min and will be on time
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