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Updated: 8/5/2020
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  • bring egg close to computer like yest and tissue close too to soak oil,,microwave waffle or toast so one side toasty like yest,PUT CEREAL BOWL AND MILK IN FRONT OF PLATE to block--SPRAY WATER microwave or toast so toasty on one side why not and use hand to wipe cream cheese and wipe in tissue in trash can,,
  • 1:40 lat elunch worked and let me in past only 10 min and too full 10:30 bf 3 hr diff,--raining FOR SURE TOM, want to go outside havent in 2 days and short community, ask d and went at 5 before in past helped u fold clothes--U SAID COULD IF early and weather nice, went at 11:40 in past, ask bike or walk in morning if weather good, perect cloudy and same temp sat and summer always like this, cherry blossom reasonsBEFORE LUNCH NOTES HERE
  • late lunch 1:40 worked yest and rarely and didnt wake me up early , only 10 min, then dont give me a lot like last time tj miso ramen and dumpling
  • start with empty bowl like last time bec chiken already has rice why not,,chicken bowl cook that, or both,tell i choose 3 dishes last time i pick pasta let me last time,,
  • ring fit quick play alternate or adventure alternate, ask a play ring fit??
  • MARK CALENDER FOR PERIOD, remind i take out bake stuff like today and cream cheese??make morning note to microwave cream cheese spray water so soft and wipe cheese with hand and wash hand or put in trash
  • alreay spoon used and a lot of food only 5 min,, let me in past, hate eating cant even sit down and enjoy slowly have to shovel in mouth constantly
  • I TAKE OUT BF BAKE STUFF TOO?, did well last few days can look at me like always did in past why not,, I TAKE OUT WAFFLE
  • ask during dinner CHOOSE HELLOFRESH notes choose next week, ask a if want to and hwy not worked last week
  • other notes,WALK IN MORNING or bike at parkg?said could if 10:15 or go in afternoon , sumer always like this above 80,,cherry blossom reasons on SB gang hao early go
  • HEELOFRESH i choose some meals like last time worked ask a if want to do it too,
  • 10 min abs havent in 3 days and 40-45 min like us aid, let me in past at this time, dont need that uch time shower
  • LUNCH cold somen, PIZZAt, dont give me one with most meat, like that one, why most meat compare to others switch why not
  • why can't walk in morning, early 10:15, same temp saturday, summer always like this above 80, sb cherry blossom reasons
  • little bites for bf no other bread stuff keep in bag like feeling laredy saw label,,cheesecake acoty bread i take out and toast dont smush and crea cheese check if do when come up i take out like waffle and WIPE cheese make note, brocolli fries, buy CORNFLAKES, popsicle,,
  • alreay spoon used and a lot of food only 5 min,, let me in past, hate eating cant even sit down and enjoy slowly have to shovel in mouth constantly
  • COFFEE AND NO CHOOSE MOTIVATION and starbucks have never drank cold brew
  • more than 1 tbsp, smear cheese on plate or bring close and use tissue to wipe, oil?count wheat still counts too count a little FRITTATA BF
  • buy cornflakes yogurt and coconut water at shop rite and daves killer bread. and almond milk gang hao here and quickly drink alyson uses too
  • tj cup ramen, torilla whole wheat, turkey stick for SNACK, mini tacos for bf
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