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Updated: 11/30/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Come it only a little bit of rain.
  • One day a family was at the beach and this happened.
  • Ohhhh this is a awesome makeover but cold.
  • Why don't you play in the ocean
  • I thought you said todays a lovley day to go to the beach
  • Nooo run do not go closer to it
  • What is that tail I am going to go to it.
  • Guys why are you running.
  • RUN!
  • A mermaid and I am not going to tell you
  • When she finally caught the tail
  • A human! What is your name come with me to my home
  • I am sorry mother. I also did a makeover
  • What a human I did not tell you to bring a human now we have to bring her to the queen. deal with it
  • Ohhhh what a suprise a human
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