JaidenHott-Warriors Cats of the Clans

Updated: 1/10/2019
JaidenHott-Warriors Cats of the Clans

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • 'I'm Graystrip, and I'm here to walk you through my past!'
  • Conflict
  • "I'll save you, just stay calm!"
  • Rising Action
  • "I will not except a Thunderclan cat with my daughter!"
  • Graystripe was a Thunderclan warrior that fought bravely and roughly, but he once fell in love. It all happened in Riverclan territory.
  • Climax
  • 'Who can I possibly pick? Loyalty over love?' 
  • One time Graystripe was drounding and a cat named, Silverstream, saved him. They both soon fell in love with each other, but there love was forbidden because Riverstream comes from Riverclan and Graystripe comes from Thunderclan. I think it is Character vs. self
  • Falling Action
  • 'Oh dear lord, Starclan, please let her stay!'
  • Eventually, Silverstream's dad, Crookedstar, found out that Silverstream and Graydtripe were in together. Crookedstar did not except their love with each other. Neither did the Thunderclan leader.
  • Resolution
  • 'I love you, Millie, and I forever will.'
  • Graystrip had to make the choice to stay loyal to his clan or be Silverstream's lover. He obviously didn't know who to pick. He had to pick love over loyalty. He chose to stay with Silverstream, even though he still loved his clan. He was hesitant to pick Silverstream, but he knew it was right.
  • Unfortunately, Silverstream died on Sunningrocks while she gave birth to Graystripe's kits. Graystripe felt dejected and heavy-hearted. He knew he had to move on, so he did. Though, he missed Silverstream a lot he knew his clan mates would help him time through time. So he went back to his clan.
  • Graystripe still was wrenched, but soon he fell in love again. He met a cat named Millie and they loved each other. Graystripe then went back to his clan and lived there with his mate.