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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hey max! What are you doing! turn that beaker away from us!
  • the chemicals can harm our eyes and an accident can occur!
  • Why? Whats the harm in letting the test tube face us
  • Thank you Jessica for heating up my chemicals. Ill just take it right now
  • Oh Yeah! thank you for warning me. That was a close one
  • Are you trying to burn your hand off Emely? allow the chemical to cool off or use some gloves!!!
  • I wonder how this chemical smells...
  • And why should I do that? I want to smell this chemical
  • Its dangerous! if you want to smell, use your hand as a fan to smell it
  • Michael! what are you doing! Move your face away from that chemical!!
  • What do you think you're doing!!! Don't you dare put that chemical back in the beaker!!!!
  • You should not EVER put a chemical that you took back to its original place!!!
  • Duhhhh, ask the teacher
  • Huh? So what should I do with the excess chemical?
  • Oh shoot! I took too much chemical from that beaker. I should return some back to the beaker
  • yo Katy, what are you doing in mrs Mustafa's class?
  • no Katy, I won't let you go. ill tell the teacher
  • what!?!? You are not allowed to go to the storage room unsupervised
  • Oh come on, don't be such party pooper
  • ok fine, don't tell. Im leaving
  • oh hey Matt, im going to the storage room to get some chemicals and have fun
  • Thank you guys for reading our informative comic strip!
  • Hope everyone stays safe and follow the lab rules!!!
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