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Storyboard Project
Updated: 9/17/2020
Storyboard Project
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  • Hey Dad can I get a new red bike
  • ok
  • Sure son, Maybe next week
  • I wont don't worry
  • My story first takes place in a little old neighborhood called chase ridge drive. I was a happy little boy growing up with no problems, good health and a family to lean on
  • Hey dad, don't let go
  • As a child my mindset was always set on the good things and to be happy, always laughing about everything and when I mean everything I mean everything. With the perks of being a happy baby I was very noisy most of the time.
  • But out of the family members I always singled out one person that stood out the most and couldn’t fit the puzzle together perfectly. My dad, he taught me and bought me everything I needed as a child. But looking back I felt like he was hiding things and it always slipped my mind but I didn’t pay too much attention because he would always make me happy.
  • where are you taking him??
  • He taught me how to ride my bike for the first time when I was 6. I remember everything. It was the coolest bike with the most color which was obviously red and black. We went to my elementary school and rode all over the driveway and sometimes even had picnics together with my whole family.
  • Sure
  • Can I talk with him
  • But as I got older I started noticing the different things going on that I could understand at the age. Sometimes my dad would leave for a long time and I couldn’t understand why he would tell me not to listen to the bad things people were saying when he left and I always thought about what he said when he said that. I would see them take him away, seeing the flashy blue and red lights outside.
  • Me listening in
  • Then seeing these big men just slap on these silver round cuffs and take him away it always made me sad every time.
  • I would always get a call from my dad and me and my mom would always take turns talking because we only got around 15 min with him and sometimes longer but not as much time we would want to have. I would always ask him when he would come out and he would always say “I don’t know, but soon I hope”.
  • After talking to me my mom would go talk to him. My mom didn’t know but I would listen out on their conversation with him and her. He would always ask my mom for money on his book and he would ask me to ask her too. My mom would ask “how are you doing?” “You know your child misses you” and the one-sentence every time at the end “you need to get yourself together”.
  • I love my new room!!!!
  • A year later my mom had problems. She was always out in the street. Around that time I was living with my Grandma because my Grandma thought it was a good idea if we were not surrounded with that type of bad spirit anymore and we should start fresh. Living there was amazing because I was very close to my Grandma.
  • This is a big house
  • 200
  • I felt like she was somebody that really understood me inside and out and plus, on the other hand, I loved my Grandma’s cooking. She cooked the most amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, she would mouth-watering Pancakes, , eggs, and crispy brown bacon with a nice cold cup of orange juice.
  • 8x25
  • For dinner, she would make the most amazing soul food everything you could possibly think of. But if I had to pick one it would be her famous chicken and rice with sushi. My grandma was something she didn’t take any crap from anyone she was herself around everybody and always told the truth no matter what and didn’t hold back. She was very outspoken sometimes and so was I.
  • 14x9
  • 126
  • After living with my grandma for a couple of months I moved to my new house. I thought to myself this had way more space than my other house.
  • It was my first year of 6th grade and things were going good and I was trying to get adjusted. I was wondering what would happen if I looked up my dad’s name and see what I can find. At the moment I kind felt like I was a detective trying to fit the puzzles together.
  • When taking all of it in I wrote it in my notebook so I wouldn’t forget anything. After that day I felt like I couldn't trust my dad ever again all my emotions hit a home run. The puzzles finally fit together with the lies, the people, leaving it was all because of the one thing that takes over people’s drugs. A type of substance that can just take over people like that making them do things they aren’t supposed to do. Making people take them in any way but you can't blame the substance because that person that is being controlled has a choice and I guess my dad got hooked and chose it.
  • Since that whole month my mom found out about me doing this and so did my dad. He wasn't very happy but imagined as a child how I felt abandoned, betrayed, and manipulated. So for the past months I’ve been going to counseling and been trying to get my relationship with my dad back on track. It hasn't been the best right not because since he has been here with me trying to talk to me I would ignore him and get upset.
  • Things are going good now and I’m still going to counseling but I feel as if our relationship is going strong. This is my narrative story or is it I say this because my story isn’t quite over in my life. I judged my book way too quick before reading it properly and getting the chance to still read it is life-changing but I am glad to be here to say my beginning because I’m not quite at the end of my journey yet.
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