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Plot Diagram - The Sniper
Updated: 5/22/2020
Plot Diagram - The Sniper
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  • SCENE 1: It was nighttime when the Republican sniper was watching for his enemies, The Frestaters on the rooftop near O'Connell Bridge. After not eating all day out of excitement, he decides to sit down to eat his sandwich and smoke a cigarette. The light from the cigarette being lit blew his cover and the Republican Sniper got shot at!
  • SCENE 2: The Republican Sniper peered back over the parapet to see where the shots were coming from. He spotted an enemy car across the street where he saw a woman informant pointing to where he was hiding out. The Republican Sniper fired at the two enemies and shot them both dead.
  • INCITING INCEDENT SCENE 3: Suddenly from the opposite roof a shot was fired and a bullet hit the Republican Sniper in the arm. The bullet had fractured his bone. He disinfected his wound and layed against the parapet and tried to overcome his pain.
  • SCENE 4: The sniper had to think of a plan. He decided to prop up his rifle and cap to make it seems as if he has been shot and died. The enemy fell for it and the sniper shot and killed him.
  • SCENE 5: Even though the sniper killed the enemy like he wanted to, he felt very guilty and unsettled as he watched him fall over the rooftop to his death. He felt remorse about the war and everything in general. CLIMAX
  • SCENE 6: The sniper wondered if he had know known the guy who he had killed. So he went down from his spot only to see that the man that was his enemy that he shot and killed, was his brother. RESOLUTION
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