The Lions of the Savannah
Updated: 2/22/2021
The Lions of the Savannah

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  • I need more territory. Me and my
  • Once there were 2 brothers who ruled the savannah. The older one was named Scar, and the younger brother was named Fang. They kept the savannah safe from evil. All was protected by the lions. One day, Scar wanted to extend his territory. He led the attack on Fang's territory.
  • Surrender your territory
  • Traitor!
  • Attack!
  • Fang was pushed back. They would fight back soon enough. The older brother took over more territory. The younger brother and his pride took refuge in a cave.
  • Defend our territory!
  • They stayed there for many sunrises, waiting to reclaim their territory. Fang started to get suspicious. He sent out a patrol to scout the land where Fang was hiding. They came as close to the camp as they could. They reported that the pride was weak, and they could attack.
  • The little brother had a plan. On the way to the camp, you had to pass through a cave. As soon as Scar enters the cavern, they would fill in on either side of the cave. They hid in the bushes near the sides of the cavern, with one group on either side. Sure enough, Scar and his troops entered the cave.
  • They sprang upon the unsuspecting lions. Both sides put up a good fight, but one by one, Scar's troops retreated to the savannah. After that, scar mysteriously disappeared, somewhere far away from Fang, plotting his revenge.
  • Attack!
  • The End!