Updated: 1/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • hi.. do you mind if i sit with you all?
  • Free lunch
  • With that outfit? Yeah, we mind. And you are so poor you cant even buy your lunch while we get our lunches made by personal chefs. YOU are SO poor!
  • Haha!
  • I'm sorry, but we are not a plus size store and dont have clothes for people like you..FATTY!!
  • Hi, do you have a pair of jeans for me?
  • 1. Social bullying is when you exclude a person from a group and make fun of them using words.
  • Well you just let all those other people go without showing the ticket..
  • Wait! You cant pass untill you've shown me your ticket
  • 2. Physical bullying is when you use your body to bully people like throwing them, pushing them and kicking them.
  • Dont you dare step out of your house or you will die from me
  • If you dont tell me who did it i will tell everyone your secrets
  • you are soon going to pay for this
  • Type a message
  • 3. This is verbal bullying when you make fun of people by using words by judging their looks and body-shaming.
  • So those were the 6 types of bullying. Remember, we should never bully someone because we dont know how it feels if we were in their place. Thank you
  • 4. This is also verbal bullying. This bulling is about racism and judging people by their race.
  • Thats because your BLACK and those were WHITE like me, black people cant be trusted.
  • 5. Cyber bullying is when you bully people online using web and technology.
  • We should never bully anyone because you never know how you would feel if someone bullied you.
  • *clapping*