How the World Came to Be (Visayan Creation Myth)

How the World Came to Be  (Visayan Creation Myth)

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  • The world was a great sea of water ruled by god Maguayan
  • It stretched the sky that was ruled by Kaptan
  • Lidagat and Lihangin, children of Maguayan and Kaptan respectively, were arranged to be married.
  • They had three sons: Licalibutan, who was made of rock, confident about everything he did; Libulan, who was made of copper, weakest and most timid of them all; Liadlao, who was made of gold, amiable and had a pleasant face. They had one daughter named Lisuga, who mas made of silver, affectionate and gentle.
  • Licalibutan was made in charge of the winds. Soon, he became arrogant and desirous of more power.
  • He wanted to attack Kaptan and take control of the skies too. He bullied his brothers until they were pressured to assist him.
  • After a small bout, Kaptan destroyed them with bolts of lightning. Libulan and Liadlao were melted while Licalibutan broke into many pieces and fell to the sea. He became land.
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