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Updated: 10/14/2019
Unknown Story
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  • salvtary neglect
  • the enlightenment
  • bang
  • the french and indian
  • salutary neglect was the british policy of avoding strict enforement of parliamentary laws,meant to keep the american colonies to great british.
  • sugar act
  • the age enlightenment is the western philosophy and intelle,science tific life that took place mostly in the early 1700s in which reason was advocated was the primary source legitimacy and avthory .
  • stamp act
  • war the outcome was costly for all involed. france colonial presence was reduced to just few small island confirming british position as the power in the eastern half of north america.
  • boston massacre
  • by reducing the rest by half increasing measures to enforce the tax the british hope that tax would acually be collected.
  • sugar
  • sugar
  • however,colonies protested that tax laid upon them by a legislature in which they were not represented violated the british contitional right of no taxation without representation.
  • a heavy british military presence in boston led to a tense situation that boiled soliders and civilians and eventually lef to troop.
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