Broker Intro Video

Updated: 6/19/2020
Broker Intro Video

Storyboard Description

Quick video to explain to brokers how we have been able to help others.

Storyboard Text

  • Jeffrey and Daniel Intro 30 Seconds
  • Hi, i'm Jeff - Our background and problem
  • Hi, I'm Daniel, our solution
  • Andrew Intro 15 Seconds
  • I'm Andrew and I come from a background of the traditional model. First brokers connect with me and tell me what we are gunning for.
  • Mack Intro15 Seconds
  • III am Mack, I come from WeWork (why this is relevant) The key difference is that its not a broken process, and our design and construction team work hand in hadn from the start.
  • Test-fit explained15 Seconds
  • I will show you an example of what the process looks like.
  • SSOE Plan & Voice Over- ACS30 Seconds
  • Andrew describes the problem with the traditional model
  • Maddy Intro15 Seconds
  • Hi i'm Maddy, lead designer. I came from traditional model and love being able to make design decisions based on meeting the clients needs, rather than making guesses.
  • Mack explains how we can help
  • Technical - DJS & MMF45 Seconds
  • We work physically close together
  • ACS - Questions asked10 Seconds
  • As you can see the process is much faster and doesn allow the process to get slogged down. Here are some of the commonly asked questions
  • Screen capture of SSEO test fit, with voiceover explaining the 3 different buildings and the cost.
  • Maddy explains how she loves the model and
  • Daniel explain how they work the design to meet the T.I allowance.
  • FAQ #15 Seconds
  • How do you guarentee cost so early on?
  • Mack Answer15 Seconds
  • Two reasons, we only work in commercial office buidligns, like all we do. WE know this space and nothing else. Our costing is on 97% of the time, also get bids.
  • FAQ #25 Seconds
  • Question #2
  • Andrew Answer15 Seconds
  • Question #2 Answer
  • FAQ #35 Seconds
  • Mack explains how we can help
  • Daniel Answer15 Seconds
  • Jeff Outro15 Seconds
  • Closing screen5 Seconds
  • Question #3
  • Andrew describes the problem with the traditional model
  • Question #3 Answer
  • Basically we are a partner that works alongside you to make sure your clients get all their information upfront and quickly, what they didn't tell you is we typically turn around test fits in a week.