Unknown Story

Updated: 8/27/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • This young girl found a box of yarn, how ever she has no idea what’s coming her way.
  • No thank you.
  • When people from all over the world came to Shake her hand...
  • ...there was one guy who was the latest fasion desighner, and he wanted to buy the yarn.
  • I will give you $1million for the yarn.
  • He sent spys to sneak in her House and steal the box of yarn.
  • When he opened the box, it was empty. She must of tookin the yarn out.
  • So he threw it out the window, never to be seen agian.
  • One day she found the box and put her yarn Baeck in it and continued makini sweaters for everone and everythin.