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big alien adventure
Updated: 10/11/2019
big alien adventure
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  • Greetings
  • Hello im vgcfyucci from Area 51 but the guards took me into space so im here to tell you about space.
  • Welcome to the moon!
  • This is the Moon Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon. Also the moon has 8 different moon phases thats why some nights you see it some nights you dont.
  • Star explosion
  • Ca caaww woah that a cool explosion
  • This is a star this exploding when it dies it creates a nebula witch makes a new star over time.
  • did you know our solar system only has 1 star? Its the Sun! Hopefully you dont think the sun is a planet because its not
  • Venus
  • Venus is the hottest planet because its made of carbon dioxide it traps the heat from sun.
  • The moon doesn't produce light it deflects light
  • The Earth orbit
  • The planet you live on right now it takes 365 days to orbit the sun because earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.
  • It takes a VERY LONG time for a new star to form
  • Mars
  • This is mars scientists thought you could live on mars so they sent a mars rover that was supposed to last 5 years but it lasted 20 and they discovered water! This is probably the first planet in our solar system to actually have water besides earth thank you for reading my project goodbye.
  • Venus is the 2nd planet from the sun and its the hottest planet in our solar system too
  • It takes mercury 88 days to orbit the sun because mercury is really close to the sun so that means it will be a shorter path to orbit sun
  • The mars rover ran out of battery 20 yrs later so the scientists are trying to fix it
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