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Updated: 2/28/2019
Unknown Story
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  • How are all the planets staying in orbit?!
  • Gravity
  • It's becuase of gravity! Gravity is like the glue that holds entire galaxy together. Cool right?
  • How did you slow down do fast after running?
  • Friction
  • It is because of the friction on the pavement. It allows me to slow down faster then when running on grass, becuase of the higher amount of friction.
  • Elastic
  • This is because of elasticity! The balloon is elastic, causing it to go back to the orignial shape after being stretched.
  • I blew up this ballon, and then when I let the air out it went back to the original shape! How?
  • Gravity works on all objects. It is a very important part of life, and effects us greatly.
  • Magnetism
  • I don't understand. If the fridge is not magnetic, how does the magnet stick to it?
  • Friction acts on so many surfaces. It also changes activities we do like skateboarding and snowboarding. Surfaces can have completely different amounts of friction.
  • Why are the apples falling to the ground?
  • Gravity
  • Elasticity is used in things like slingshots, and blowing up balloons. Elasticity allows materials to return to their original shapes after being stretched.
  • This is because of friction. If I tried to go sledding on a grassy hill, the high amount of friction on the grass. There is a low amount of friction on the hard icy snow, making it easy to slide down.
  • How can you slide down the hill so easily? When I tried to go sledding on a grassy hill I got stuck!
  • Friction
  • Magnetism is present in objects all around us. So many things that we are around everyday are magnets. The motion of electric charge makes up the amount of magnetism in something.
  • Magnetism! The magnetic material from the fridge allows the magnet to stick to it!
  • Gravity is what makes up so much of our world, and acts on objects all around us. This is the force of bringing objects to the center of the Earth.
  • The cause of this is gravity! Gravity is pulling the apples to the ground.
  • Friction changes activities like running and skating. These activities can be changed according to the amount of fricion a surface has.
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