Updated: 1/12/2021

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  • Person Vs. Nature
  • "At any rate, Lyddie looked up from the pot of oatmeal she was stirring over the fire, and there in the doorway was a massive black head, the nose up and smelling, the tiny eyes bright with hungry anticipation" (1)
  • "'Don't nobody yell, just back up solw and quiet to the ladder and climb up to the loft'"
  • Person Vs. Society
  • LOL look at her clothes
  • "...but this time it was teeming with men, all dressed like gentlemen. Every head seemed to rise, and every eye looked their way. Despite her new clothes Lyddie could feel the shame burning through her rough brown cheeks." (61)
  • Wow she looks so poor
  • :(
  • Person Vs. Self
  • Should I go visit Charlie again...? He might want me to but I dont want him to think that I am overprotective!
  • "If she got an early start the next day, perhaps she could stop by once more at the mill . . . but, no . . . She couldn't stop by again and ask for Charlie and have him at school again. What would they think of her? and it might embarrass Charlie..." (37)
  • I know this is a Person Vs. Nature because a hungry bear is entering her home and it might hurt her or her family.
  • I know this is Person Vs. Society because the men in the society are judging her by her looks and her clothes which will make her feel bad.
  • I know this is Person Vs. Self because Lyddie is debating with herself weather if she should go visit him again or not.
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