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Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I gave Polyphemus alcohol to make him fall drunk, then when I got the chance, I stabbed him in his eye. He asked for my name and I told him it was "Nohbody". When other Cyclopes heard him screaming out in pain and asked what caused him his pain. Polyphemus cried out. "Nobody, Nobody hurt me." The other cyclopes tell Polyphemus that all he can do is pray to Poseidon.
  • After my men and I escaped from the lotus eaters we landed on the cyclopes' island. I got quite curios and took a few of my men to explore it. When we got into a cave, we sonn realized we were trapped with an awful cyclops named Polyphemus.
  • Me and my men managed to escape by hiding under the bellies of Polyohemus's sheep
  • Work CitedFitzgerald, Robert. The Odyssey. The Language of Literature, edited by Arthur Apllebee et. al., MacDougal Littell, 2006, pg 894-964.
  • When my men and I escaped to the ship I decided to tell Polyphemus my real name.
  • Polyphemus starting eating my men in pairs, inhorrible and brutal ways showing no empathy for the men
  • If truly I am your son, and you acknowledge yourself as my father, grant that Odysseus, who styles himself Sacker of Cities and son of Lacerates, may never reach his home in Ithaca.
  • Here I am, Odysseus is here!