Unknown Story
Updated: 1/22/2020
Unknown Story
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  • This is the story of Sidhartha. Sidhartha was known to become a god. named The buddha. Sidhartha was born in a castle. He was a prince.
  • Sidartha was only a baby when his father took him away to a magnifacint place where he would be safe. The king did not want to keep Sidhartha in a place full of suffering and dispair.
  • Sidhartha grew up. And got married at the age of 16-18. One day he disided to go out the place walls and leave his wife and children to suffer.
  • One day Sidhartha had gone miles and miles away from home. Along the way Sidhartha saw many suffering people. He saw a sick man and a dying man too. He wanted to stop this suffering somehow.
  • So Sidhartha sat under a tree and medditated. He medditated for days and nights. He wanted to stop all this suffering. He would not eat, drink, or sleep until he got the answers to his questions.
  • One day as Sidhartha medditated the answer he has been seeking for came to him he now knew how ti stop all this suffering. And then Sidhartha truly became The Buddha. People say that he has found many things. Buddha is Buddha!
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