Rock Comic
Updated: 1/13/2021
Rock Comic

Storyboard Text

  • My life started out when parts of me as lava traveled down the volcano and cooled. When the lava cooled it formed me as an igneous rock.
  • After feeling burned from all of the lava, I went to cool off in the river. When I did this I tripped into the river and was broken down by the flow of the river. Eventually my remains (sediment) met with other rock's remains and formed a new me. I became a sedimentary rock.
  •  After being formed underwater, the river pushed me farther underground. Eventually with heat and pressure I turned into another new rock. This time a was a metamorphic rock.
  • After finding my way up from deep underground, I made my way up again to the surface. I wanted to become a sedimentary rock again. I thought that I looked the coolest that way. So, I went into the river and was broken down again. Eventually I was reformed again into a sedimentary rock.
  • After many years of being a happy sedimentary rock, a huge hurricane came by. This hurricane blew me so far because of the wind that I landed in a volcano. Soon enough, the lava erupted and cooled and I was formed into an igneous rock.
  • As other rocks formed on top of me, the heat and pressure formed me into a new rock. A metamorphic rock. So, that is the end of my rock journey. I am currently a metamorphic rock and will probably change in my future.