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Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Once upon a time in a poor city lived the most rich people of earth
  • That was the change when my dad got married he’s money just got down
  • You would say why would he live in a poor city well because he had a big heart
  • Hi my name is marina I am 15
  • Then my dad died and so I got to do the hole chores youpi
  • He gave some money to the poor but that was about to change
  • I am here my name is Maxime I am your narrator
  • There are my parents my dad and my step mother my step mother had tow daughter
  • Fine your punished
  • So my life was still the same excepté my cool life becam worst life
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  • My mom even got me out of school because it was to costing
  • Only if you, do all the chores in 30 min you will go
  • How then fine !!!!!!!(said in a bad voices)
  • But that was it when she said that I will not go to my friends birthday party
  • No not my friends birthday how can I go to it
  • Fine then my wish is to have the best parent so that I can go to my friends birthday party and I would like to have the house clean
  • How do I have the pleasure to meet
  • But that was about to change when I saw a light coming it was my angel
  • Fine then here it is
  • Hi I am your angel I can make one wish come true
  • How sweetie what are you doing here
  • Hi mom are you having a good time
  • Wait what a really
  • Dongdongdongdongdongdongdogndongdongdong it is 10pm
  • Nonononononononot know
  • Why know
  • At least I got to go to the party
  • I don’t know but I did my promess s
  • And then I lived happily ever after here’s my story by folks