Unknown Story
Updated: 9/30/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Ozark (the boy) wakes up with his friends Ozzy (the gorilla) and Jassy (the monkey). Every morning Ozzy and Jassy love to sit next to Ozark so he won't feel lonely. They head off to start their day and go look for some food to eat.
  • As they find their food Ozark sees a village from far away. He asks Ozzy what is that and he tells him that they are his kind (Ozark).
  • Ozark is then thinking that maybe he should find out if his family lives there. Since he doesn't know anything about him because he's been with Ozzy and Jassy for so long. He ends up telling his friends and he just hopes they don't get mad.
  • Ozzy asked Ozark why he wanted to go back and Jassy was so scared and confused. Ozark said he just wants to know if his family lives there. His friends agree to let him see if his family is there. They also end up with going with Ozark to make sure he is safe.
  • They start walking off to the village. It took them about a day together. As they get to the village Ozark goes up to see the people while Ozzy and Jassy are staying behind in case they think the animals are bad.
  • They find the village and Ozark takes a deep breath and walks in. He sees women and the women notice him and runs to him and notices that that is her missing son. Ozark feels relived and he bring his friends Ozzy and Jassy to introduce them.