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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • 1776
  • i will not tolorate these unfair laws
  • i passed 5 laws against your colonies
  • why are you making these laws
  • as punishment for the boston tea party
  • what are the names of the 5 laws
  • the boston port act, massachusets government act, Administration of Justice Act, Quartering Act, and Quebec Act
  • results
  • The Intolerable Acts became a rallying cry for patriots in America. They felt these acts took away some of their basic freedoms. In many ways, these acts helped to unite the colonies and pushed them one step closer to revolution.
  • Interesting Fact
  • The British thought the acts would help to maintain control in America, but they had the opposite effect causing many people to firmly join the side of the rebels.
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