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Protestant Reformation
Updated: 10/21/2020
Protestant Reformation
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  • My name is Martin Luther and I sparked the protestant revolution by putting my "95 Thesis" on the Church door. Now let's go inside
  • 95 Thesis: The 95 Thesis was written concerns with the corruption within the Catholic Church.
  • In my thesis I wrote about how indulgences were wrong and corrupt. Paying the Pope and Catholic Church them does rid of your sins
  • Indulgences: Payments made to the Catholic Church to guarantee a spot in Heaven and forgiveness for your sins.
  • Behind me is Pope Leo X and he is the head of the Catholic Church. He is largely responsible for the selling of indulgences to give him more luxuries.
  • In my thesis I also said that everyone should read and interpret the Bible by themselves. In stores like this one the printing press was used to create mass copies of the book in many different languages and allowed Protestantism to start forming into their own religion.
  • Printing Press: The printing press was an invention that could mass produce books.
  • The Diet of Worms was a council that decided I would be excommunicated from the Catholic Church because I refused to recant my "95 Thesis"
  • The Council of Trent was a council to help fix the problems and corruption within the Church
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