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Updated: 6/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hello, my name is Jayden and I will be teaching you what global climate change is!
  • Global climate change is a thing where the Earth's average temperature increases over time. Global climate change makes our Earth feel ay hotter than it usually is, you would be driping sweat.
  • Global Climate Change is really similar to climate change, they both are hen the Earth's average temperature is warming up and rising.
  • Global Climate Change is the reason there are hurricanes, tornados. Global Climate Change is also taking away some habitats from animals. It also causes glaciers to melt which makes the sea level higher.
  • Global Climate Change has been going on for ages now, back in the past, the Artic became warm, and that caused alligators to live there. 800 million years ago, the Earth was covered with ice, this was because of global climate change.
  • Global Climate Change is very critical, but there is many ways to stop Global Climate Change. A way is to stop burning any fuels, stop using methane to make electricity, we can use solor panels, drive cars less often and use public transportation. This is Global Climate Change!
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