Unknown Story
Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • I woke and we were sailing on as in a gentle weather.The dead men stood together.All fixed on me their stony eyes
  • The lighthouse top i see?Is this the hill?Is this the Kirk?Is this mine own countree
  • But soon i heard the rowing of oarsI heard the Pilot's cheerMy head was turned perforce awayAnd i saw a boat appear
  • The ship went down like lead.My body lay afloat;But like as dreams, myself i found Within the pilot's boat.
  • i stood on firm land.The hermit stepped forth from the boatAnd scarcely he could stand"O shrive me, shrive me, holy man"
  • The Hermit crossed his brow say quick", quoth he, 'I bid thee sayWhat manner of man art thou?
  • the mariner whose eye is brightwhose beard with age is hoarIs gone: and now the wedding guestturned from the bridegroom's door