Willy's Adventure
Updated: 3/11/2020
Willy's Adventure
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  • Willy The Water
  • Willy the Water was just born two years ago by some ice and now he is still in a glacier. Ice was his family and he has never been to anything else.
  • But then, something happened, Willy was turning into some kind of gas and floating to the clouds, this is his first time evaporating! Once Willy was in the clouds he met Clyde the Cloud.
  • Willy was with Clyde for about a day then he turned back into a liquid in a process called condensation. Willy fell back down to Earth in rain form, precipitation is the process when water falls back down to Earth in forms of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Willy fell into a pretty big body of water, called a lake. Willy was happy, because his other water friends were there with him. But, then something strong was pulling him like a force and before he knew it he had recharged into groundwater.
  • Recharge is the process when surface water goes into soil creating groundwater. Now that Willy was technically on land he was scared, he stayed underground for what seemed like a year.
  • Willy was waiting and waiting to go back in a body of water. Sometimes he got close because the wind was tugging at him, but he never made it in with those tries. Sometimes he saw big animals roaming around on him.
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