When I was Puerto Rican By: Kenia L. Vélez

When I was Puerto Rican  By: Kenia L. Vélez

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  • Espera a llegar, mija
  • Pa'onde vamos, mami?
  • Are we there yet?
  • Hablas English? Where are you from?
  • Yes, a little bit. I'm from Puerto Rico.
  • What do you want when you grow up?
  • I don't know.
  • Esmeralda Santiago and her mother moved from Puerto Rico to Ellery Street.
  • Ju bee lohn 2 a type dats berry cómo in dis kuntree, Meessees Felps. Atypeoff selfscent red self pee tee in sun de boring tie gress wid on men shon ahball pro klee bee tees on de side.
  • Her mother took her to P.S. 33, where he would attend the ninth grade. The first week he was given a series of tests that showed that even though he couldn't speak English very well, he was reading and writing at the 10th grade level. So they put her on 9-3, with the smart kids.
  • One morning, Mr. Barone, a guidance counselor, called her into his office to ask her what she wanted for her future and to ask her a series of related questions. The counselor helped her to know and be clear about her future. I also helped him get an audition at the Performing Arts School in Manhattan.
  • END
  • Esmeralda had dreamed of this moment for several weeks. She wanted to impress and show off her talent to the panel but the moment she saw some impeccably groomed women in front of her, she forgot her English and how to carry herself like a lady. So much so, that he recited his three-minute monologue in just one minute.
  • Thankyou, dear, could you wait outside for a few moments?
  • After a long time, many tests and above all a lot of effort and sacrifice, also thanks to the help of Mr. Barone, Esmeralda was able to enter the Performing Arts School.
  • Welcome!
  • I am so excited and grateful
  • Esmeralda did extremely well at the Performing Arts School. She was the best female writer in many years and very famous. Thanks to this, he found the love of his life; a guy who was also a writer who studied at the same school with whom she married and they were very happy.
  • I feel very happy to be by your side.
  • I love you so much!
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