Taking a Stand on Violence

Updated: 10/11/2021
Taking a Stand on Violence

Storyboard Text

  • We are really in need of more military service. We need to prove to others just how strong we are.
  • I do not believe in war but instead in peace.
  • War is necessary because of the evil in the world.
  • Two wrongs don't make a right. As the bible says, thou shalt not kill and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
  • I do care for my neighbors but we must kill to protect our fellow Americans!
  • You do not need to kill, you are trained to kill. There is a difference.
  • Michael is at lunch with his military friend Joe.
  • What do you mean?
  • You took an oath to protect but in reality it was an oath to kill your opposition.
  • Michael does not believe in conflict and tries telling Joe.
  • No, I am simply protecting my people and bringing peace and freedom back home
  • Violence solves nothing and is completely unjustifiable under any circumstances.
  • Peace isn't attained through conflict. It is obtained by creating positive relations with other nations and by assisting each other in times of need.
  • Joe does not understand Michael's initial point so Michael tries rephrasing his point.
  • You're right. Perhaps my patriotism got the most of me. We should fight for humanity not just for our own people.
  • Yes, because your people consists of everyone. Pacifism is the key ideology to alleviating global turmoil. We must work together.
  • Michael explains the reality of taking an oath in the military.
  • Joe believes he is serving to protect his country but Michael believes the way to unify is not to kill but by unifying.
  • Joe finally understands and realizes that it is in fact more important to account for the greater good of humanity than just his own people.