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Updated: 5/2/2019
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  • Which is your favourite country?
  • We're going to move to England
  • My favourite country is England.
  • Really?! Forever?!
  • How do you know? You haven't been there yet!
  • Mum, I don't want to go to school. I won't like it, I know!
  • I'm going to my room, O.K.?!
  • Noone is looking at you. Go have some fun!
  • Why is everyone looking at me like that?
  • FINE!
  • Hey! Get off my way!
  • I'm walking here!
  • 04/03/18 Dear diary, as you may know this is my first day in this school. Don't ask me if I had fun. Believe me, you know the answer! IT'S the WORST day EVER!!! And something else before break ended. If you ask every single pupil in the school if they like it here, they will say NO!
  • I'm taking an exam in English!
  • My teacher says I can speak English very well!
  • Bravo! Good job! 
  • Really?!
  • One day in the living room. Mum and Elizabeth are talking....
  • SUPRISE!!!! We're going to a greek island
  • Wow, mum! Thank you! I like England now!
  • Six months later when Elizabeth started school...
  • C-
  • B+
  • Yes! I made it! I can speak English!
  • A+
  • One day later when she arrived at school...
  • I like England and Greece. So, we live in England and on holiday we fly to Greece!
  • See, it is not that bad here. You're very lucky!
  • After a while the teacher opened the gate and all pupils ran into the school as if it were an amusement park or something like that...
  • Elizabeth was writing in her diary during the break...
  • Emily and Elizabeth are talking about the exams in English!
  • One day before the test Elizabeth's mom said that if she gets a good mark, they will go on a trip to Greece!
  • The kids get their marks after a week.
  • In the airplane.... Everyone is happy!
  • It is fantastic! I like it! I want more exams and more holidays!
  • This comic was written by Sofia Karamanli, Aris Seleskovic, Evi Hyta with the aid of their teacher Melpomene Kasimioti Ioannidou
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