Of Mice and Men Storyboard
Updated: 12/18/2019
Of Mice and Men Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • What-what you doin' here?
  • I'm just sitting here with my dog
  • Isn't it dead? Oh my! Well anyways I'm running away to become a star!
  • I just like touching things that are soft
  • Would you like to touch my hair it's soft and nice
  • Lennie is grieving the death of the dog and is petting it. Curley's Wife comes in there and wonders what is Lennie doing.
  • HEY! That was too rough!
  • Stop screaming!!! If you make more noise George will find out and I don't want him too
  • Curley's Wife explains how she is running away to become a star. Lennie is explaining how he likes touching soft animals or things.
  • AHHH!!! LET GO OF ME!!!!
  • When Lennie was still explaing about why he likes soft animals and things. Curley's Wife offers Lennie to touch her soft hair.
  • Lennie touches Curley's Wife way too hard. Curley's Wife starts getting mad at Lennie for touching her hair roughly.
  • Lennie put his hands on her hair and starts pulling it roughly. Curley's Wife screams for help but Lennie covers her mouth and tells her that Lennie doesn't want George to know what he is doing to her.
  • Since Lennie was pulling Curley's Wife hair to rough. Curley's Wife neck snaps and she appears to be dead. Lennie freaks out because George is going find out what he did to her.
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