Comic Strip About DECIDE
Updated: 7/7/2020
Comic Strip About DECIDE
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This is a comic strip detailing the DECIDE model

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  • At school in the hallway
  • Drew: Hey, would you guys want to come to an all senior party at my house tonight. There's going to be cocaine and alcohol!
  • Will: We'll think about it. I'll text you later about what we're going to do. Thanks for the invite. See you later.
  • Coming home from school
  • Sophie: What do you guys want to do? Personally, I'd really like to go. I think it would be a nice way to end senior year. And, I would like to try some cocaine.
  • Will: Yeah me too. There's somebody that I want to meet there But I'm definitely going to stay away from the cocaine.
  • Ben: I think I'm going to sit this one out guys. I'm just going to play it safe and go nowhere with cocaine.
  • Introductions
  • Drew: Hey! You guys made it! Sucks that Ben couldn't come. He's kind of lame for that.
  • Sophie: Yeah, he is kind of lame for that. Apparently, he just wanted to play it "safe" and stay away from the cocaine.
  • Will: It does suck he couldn't come. Hey Drew, have you seen Vanessa anywhere?
  • Drew invites Ben, Will, and Sophie to an all senior party at his house.
  • Will and Vanessa have alone time
  • Vanessa: Wow, Will! I'm suprised you came even though you didn't want your parents to find out. Also, the cocaine thing obviously didn't scare you away.
  • Will: Yeah. I'm just really worried about Sophie with the cocaine. I don't know if she knows but it's the second most used drug in the U.S. with almost 1.5 million users, AND it's ILLEGAL!!!
  • Sophie, and Will decide to go the party while Ben makes the decision to sit it out.
  • Sophie snorts cocaine
  • Mason: Hey Sophie, do you want to snort some cocaine with me? Did you know it is made from leaves of a cocoa plant in South America? If you do it, everyone will think you're cool. And, it'll only be this one time.
  • Sophie: Even though my conscience is saying "no, no, no" what the hell? I'll try it with you.
  • Drew and Sophie both make fun of Ben for not coming to the party. Meanwhile, Will asks Drew where Vanessa is (this girl he likes).
  • The Police Officer
  • Police Officer: Put your hands on your head! You two are under arrest for the possession of cocaine!
  • Sophie: Oh no! I knew this was a bad decision! Now I'm going to be arrested. I should have been like Ben and Will, and just completely stayed away from the cocaine; that would have been the healthiest choice.
  • Will worries about Sophie while spending time with Vanessa.
  • Mason asks Sophie to snort cocaine, and even though her conscience is telling her no, she still goes through with it.
  • Sophie and Mason are arrested by the police officer for possession of cocaine. Sophie regrets her decision to snort cocaine, and wishes she would have decided not to try it.
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