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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • I own 1/3 of the land in Europe.
  • Take your indulgences from the box for your sins
  • The church is to wealth and powerful
  • The sale of indulgences is to high
  • Maybe "95 Theses" will stop the Church
  • 1.All christians have equal access to god and the bible 2.Priests should be permitted to marry 3.Salvation is achieved through faith.
  • No Indulgences!!!
  • Lutherans
  • By the 1500's the Roman Catholic Church was super powerful and controlled what their followers could do. The Pope competed with the King for power and could excommunicate (execute) king if the king went against the popes commands. Excommunication kept people from receiving sacraments.
  • Early Reformers criticized the Churches wealth and the sale of indulgences. Martin Luther wrote "95 Theses," 95 arguments against the indulgences.
  • Catholics
  • More radical than Lutherans and Calvanists
  • Anabaptists
  • Lutherans
  • Established Theocracy
  • Calvanists
  • France= Huguenots
  • Martin Luther began a new branch of Christianity to protest against the Church. This group was called Lutherans. Luther taught the Lutherans with rules.
  • 1534 Act: Now I'm head of the church in England.
  • Shut down convents more money for me
  • Some people saw the Protestant movement as an answer to the corruptions of the Roman Catholic Church. Tension between the Catholic and Protestants created the Thirty's year war..
  • Catholics
  • Protestants
  • John Calvin established Theocracy. Calvanists faced other groups (Catholics and Lutherans). Calvin taught rules to the Calvanists. Protestants in France were called Huguenots. Anabaptists were more Radical than Lutherans and Calvanists.
  • King Henry VIII wanted to annul his marriage. Parliament passed the 1534 act (made Henry VIII head of the church in England). Henry VIII shut down Catholic convents, by doing so he became wealthier.
  • I want to annul my marriage
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