Story of Prophet Hud

Story of Prophet Hud
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  • Who are you to advice? Why should we listen to you?
  • Allah has sent me to you! He was the one who taught you everything. He gave you this world. He gave you your children, he gave you animals. You should stop worshipping false gods. There is only one Allah (SWT) You should obey his commands.
  • I was Chosen to convey God's message. Listen to what I say. If you do not, then I fear that God will punish you!
  • You are nothing but a liar! Why should we listen to the words of a liar?
  • The people of AD were good Muslims at first but they were influenced by the Shaitan. They started making idols out of stone and started worshipping these stones.
  • If you are not a liar. then prove what you are saying to be true. Tell Allah to send the punishment.
  • Allah sent Prophet Hud {AS) to these people to warn them and guide them to the right path. but they did not listen.
  • The Prophet tried to convince them to follow the right path but they did not listen.
  • Prophet Hud (AS) was sad and disappointed when he heard this.
  • There were only a few people who listened to the Prophet. After a few years. Allah asked Prophet Hud (AS) to gather the believers and leave AD.
  • After the Prophet and the believers left AD, a strong wind came which lasted for Eight Days and Seven Nights. It broke everything in AD, the buildings, houses, tents and trees! Everything!
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