Unknown Story

Updated: 5/21/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Oops, I littered, but it can't hurt anyone. Where's my fishing hook?
  • Oh, no! Poor thing.
  • Look at the fishing hook caught in her fin.
  • Ok. They help all sorts of marine mammals.
  • Let's go to the Marine Mammal Center. You call them.
  • She'll be OK. What do you want to call her?
  • Snapper. She bit a lot. What happened to her?
  • Well, she ingested plastic and has a fishing hook stuck in her fin.
  • People need to be more careful, and not litter.
  • Snapper's case could probably been prevented is people had been more careful and mindful of the environment.
  • Think about snapper next time your about to throw down that candy wrapper, and try to care more about the environment.