LA - COMPUTER - assignment - themes story board - Shristi Pradhan
Updated: 6/24/2020
LA - COMPUTER - assignment - themes story board - Shristi Pradhan
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Themes of the lord of the flies represented on story board

Storyboard Text

  • Civilization vs Savagery
  • We need to be civilized. I am the chosen chief, so it is only right that you listen to me.
  • Loss of inocence
  • Hidden under the mask
  • The two sides on the island, civilization, and savagry. While some of them try to work for the betterment of their survival through intellect and order, others try to gain power through violence and aggression.
  • Man's inherent evil, the choice is yours.
  • As the boys go through the various situation without the supervision of adults and official laws they turn into wild, bloodthirsty creatures,capable of taking a life of another
  • The judgement due to outer"appearance"
  • Two of the main personalities are able to hide under a "mask". Jack hid the fact that he is just a young boy, not a vicious hunter, neglecting his human instincts. Ralph hid the fact that he is also just a normal boy who can make mistakes and fail, instead of an inspirational leader.
  • The destruction of nature
  • When the boys have to make their own decision they also come across to the decision of choosing between the evil and good side of them. When the evil overpowers in some of them, the littluns and Simon sense the beasts in different ways
  • The boys who were physically stronger bully the littluns and Piggy throughout their journey due to their appearance and age, because of this Piggy's intellect is only recognized later on in the story.
  • The plane crash, hunting, and fire due to the visit of the boys "scar" and degrade the beautiful island. This represents how the adults are destroying nature everywhere that they step for their advantage.
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