The Pilot Thief
Updated: 3/16/2020
The Pilot Thief

Storyboard Text

  • There is a plane that has been kidnapped by a man out for revenge, Prof E.V. ILL. No one knows why he is out for revenge but he is really furious. He has taken innocent victims as well as the pilot. If the plane wasn't in auto pilot they would be in serious danger.
  • We must save them!
  • HELP US!
  • Jake, calm down, this is not scary at all!
  • I have never seen E.V. ILL before, he looks like a lizard!
  • Fine.
  • One day there was a girl named Elle and her best friend Jake. They were both trying out for the army hoping one day they would make it to the army but Captain C (their captain/trainer) had a big mission to do.
  • But you will never catch me! Everyone on this plane is going down if they like it or not.Muahahahaha!
  • They have all travelled on their army plane safely. They saw all the innocent victims terrified in their seats. In the distance there was a black figure walking away from them.Who was that?
  • We must get out of here! The plane is going down. TO THE ARMY PLANE!
  • They helped all the people who were trapped and put them on the army plane where people from the army are there trying to calm the victims down. Now it was them and Prof E.V. ILL trying to get back the pilot.
  • *Coming through the TV* Did you really think you were done with me? The most evil Professor E.V.ILL? That was just the beginning, wait and see what happens next Muahahahaha!!!!!
  • WHAT!
  • WHAT!
  • Before they could catch E.V. ILL, he said something that frightened everyone...
  • E.V. ILL went up in flames and turned into a lizard, and in a swoosh he was gone. They all suddenly realized that the plane was going down to the depths of the ocean where no one on this plane would ever be seen again.
  • swoosh!
  • Luckily they were all rescued by the army plane. When they knew they were safe, they decided to go back to Captain C's room and have a chat about what has happened today. But in a flash the TV started to glitch. Then, the TV turned on and said this.