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Lesson 2. Trophic Structure of the Ecosystem
Updated: 10/13/2020
Lesson 2. Trophic Structure of the Ecosystem
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  • Camping trip and story telling about their role in the food chain.
  • Yes! that is very much correct. I use the sunlight to produce food from CO2 and H20. Hey Primary Consumer... How do you get your energy?
  • Good day! I'm the sun and all food chains start with energy that came from me. Isn't that right Ms. Producer?
  • I get my energy from eating plants, in which I absorb most of their stored energy through digestion and transform it to energy. How about the others?
  • ...
  • Hello! I am the Secondary Consumer, I can be a carnivore or an omnivore. I convert the energy that I eat which is plants or meat , into a more suitable form during respiration.
  • Let me share mine as well. I am the Tertiary Consumer, and I LOVE MEAT and EAT ONLY MEAT. I get my energy as same as the Secondary Consumer, the only difference is, I don't eat plants. YUCK!
  • I'm the Scavenger. Me and Decomposer here, are the janitor of the food web.
  • That is true. We get our energy by eating dead plants and animals, which will be recycled into energy.
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