Unknown Story

Updated: 5/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Throw down your money, old man!
  • Here he is.
  • Mr. Brown Is that you? Are you ok?They were talking about your treasure.
  • Yeah it's me. I'm ok. just a few bumps and bruisesI told you every man has a treasure. Want to see mine?
  • Are you sure that is worth fighting for. I mean I guess I get it.
  • I gave these to my boy jesse when he went to war. He didn't make it back. But he had these on him and that means something! That why this is my treasure.
  • Looks like they have gone.You better get going home now.
  • You take care of that treasure of yours.
  • Lemon Brown is going to be OK.
  • I wonder what kind of lecture I'm going to get for being gone so long.