Creation Myth

Updated: 5/14/2020
Creation Myth

Storyboard Text

  • Ugh an Egyptian, what could this fool want?
  • Greetings from Egypt, who might you be?
  • I am a Norseman, of what Gods and creation do you come from Egyptian?
  • I of course come from the only true religion and creation that there is, the Egyptian creation
  • Of what nonsense do you speak of, the Norse creation is the only true creation
  • We were all created from Nu, from where the God Atum rose out of sheer forc eof his will
  • It does not make sense for someone to appear out of sheer force of will, in the Norse creation a giant was slain to create the earth.
  • Having a giant being slain seems to be even more unrealistic and quite childish.
  • Okay, but at least in the Norse creation the people were not made out of tears.
  • Humans were made out of the tears of a god, unlike how they were made out of trees in the Norse creation, which is quite ridiculous
  • Ah greetings, what is all the commotion?