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Updated: 6/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The plane crashed on the island, leaving a scar a trail where the cabin of the plane crashed through the trees and underbrush as it landed. Piggy explains that the plane they were on was attacked.
  • Initially, the boys are giddy with freedom, running wild on the beautiful island and drunk with the idea that this world was their own - no rules, no discipline, no punishment. But, as is so often the case, best buddies today become mortal enemies tomorrow. Their descent is both tragic and terrifying.
  • As human beings have adapted throughout the history of mankind. We can see that in this story too that after the plane crashed in the island, they start to adapt in that nature to survive.
  • Within the larger battle of civilization and savagery ravaging the boys's community on the island, Lord of the Flies also depicts in great detail the relationships and power dynamics between the boys. In particular, the novel shows how boys fight to belong and be respected by the other boys. The main way in which the boys seek this belonging and respect is to appear strong and powerful.
  • Most of the boys on the island either hide behind civilization, denying the beast's existence, or succumb to the beast's power by embracing savagery. But in Lord of the Flies, Golding presents an alternative to civilized suppression and beastly savagery. This is a life of religion and spiritual truth-seeking, in which men look into their own hearts, accept that there is a beast within, and face it squarely.
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