Chapter 5 Christmas Carol
Updated: 2/8/2020
Chapter 5 Christmas Carol
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  • Ch.5,Future Ghost
  • 3 men were talking to each other as Scrooge was hearing them,they were talking about a dead man and they were rich,their money often jingled in their pockets.Scrooge knew many of them but still,he coudn't recoGnize who were they talking about.
  • Old Joe and Scrooge's maid were tradeing someone's stuff that were unknown to Scrooge they were also talking about his death and his old stuff,they were happy about the unkown guy's death.Scrooge still didn't know whom they were talking about.
  • Scrooge watched this in terror,he was so scared as he saw a dead body in front of his eyes.there were rats running in different places.The ghost was pointing to the dead man's face as Scrooge tried to remove the bed sheet but he coudn't.
  • The Cratchits were in tragedy, the family were sad about tiny tim's death.They were all silent as tiny Tim was downstairs in his shiny room,dead.when the father came he announced that Fred,scrooge's nephew will help and try to find a job for Peter. the family felt better after hearing such exciting news as the father said to the whole family that they promise that they will never forget tiny Tim.Scrooge really wanted to know who the dead man was.
  • The ghost led Scrooge to the grave of the dead man.He was trembling,it was Scrooge,the dead man that all people were happy about his death. Scrooge immediately fell on his knees,then he realized he really has to change.Scrooge started transforming,and he wanted to clean his name out of the stone.
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